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The wisdom of leading a healthy life is ingrained in all of us. 

But even the best knowledge can sometimes be lost along the way, whether through unexpected strokes of fate, unexpected diagnoses or simply through the daily routine that doesn’t allow us to take a deep breath. 

At such times, we ask ourselves the question: “How can we find our way back to health?

Chinese medicine is a wise companion on this path. Because it views people in their uniqueness and takes their individual life history into account in both diagnosis and treatment.

Chinese medicine is more than just acupuncture.

Her teaching is about life, healing paths and about the miracle of nature.

Reading like a thriller, it is a philosophy to fall in love with.

Hi, my name is
Isabel Wendt-Christodoulou.

My dream to learn Chinese Medicine, in original script and language came true with my scholarship from DAAD at the Universities of Nanking and Beijing.

I am a Postgraduate in Chinese Medicine as well as a Sinologist. I work as a Chinese-Medical Practitioner in my clinic in Hamburg .I also teach Chinese medicine nationally and internationally in training courses and at congresses.

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The three signpost of Chinese Medicine
Sustainability needs memory

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Three questions that I am often asked.

Who comes to you as a patient?

“Many of my patients come to me to get additional answers to their illnesses and to find alternative healing methods to conventional medicine.

As Chinese medicine always takes a holistic approach to therapy and focuses on the individual and their life story, the range of illnesses and therapies on offer is extensive. I have had great success in the areas of pain, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, stress, fertility and gynecology, as well as in ophthalmology, psychosomatics, fatigue syndromes and Long Covid. Obviously, it should also be mentioned at this point that Chinese medicine has its limits and, depending on the severity of the illness, a combination with conventional medicine is necessary.”

What does Medosophos mean?

The name Medosophos is an artificial word made up of the words “med” for medicine and “sophos” for wisdom. In contrast to conventional medicine, which philosophically refers to truth, Chinese medicine contains the aspect of wisdom. Wisdom is the power that allows us to recognize deeper connections. It does not follow logic, but manifests itself in awareness. Medicine, on the other hand, is the force that initiates change. It does not reinforce habit or isolation, but initiates new movements and paths to recovery and healing.

What helps you when you are under stress?

First of all, I take time for myself to consciously breathe out and focus on the present moment. Then I sort my stresses and strains in the context of my feelings, concerns and any symptoms in the three fields of Chinese medicine: How much substance, i.e. resource of life force, do I have? How can I regulate the stresses and strains or adapt to them in a healthy way? What do the environmental factors demand of me? Once I have clarified these three areas for myself, it is usually very easy to decide to make a change in my life so that I can continue to enjoy a healthy life.

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Isabel Wendt-Christodoulou

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