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At the beginning, there is an initial consultation.

Every health change begins with the medical history together with the diagnostics of Chinese medicine. They are indicative for your individual therapy.

In the consultation, you have time to describe your concerns, your thoughts and feelings about your complaint.

Chinese medicine is more than acupuncture.

As a rule, your therapy consists of the procedures of acupuncture, manual Tuina treatment and drug therapy with Chinese herbs.

In addition, depending on the prescription, there is medical Qigong, nutritional counseling and therapeutic discussions. Complementary natural healing methods such as homeopathy, mesotherapy and bioresonance can also be used.

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Treatment costs

The basis of the treatment costs is the fee schedule for alternative practitioners. In the case of those entitled to benefits and those with private insurance, the reimbursement of costs depends on the individual contracts. Statutory health insurance companies without supplementary insurance do not reimburse the treatment costs. People with statutory health insurance are therefore self-payers.

Payment is made by invoice.



Glaucoma, dry/red/tired eyes, RCS, blepharitis, diabetic retinopathy, double vision, iritis, cataract, myopia/farsightedness, eyelid oedema, macular degeneration, retinal diseases, uveitis, etc.

Throughout the day, our eyes focus on the environment. 80-90 percent of all information and sensory impressions are initially received through the eyes. In interaction with our brain, the eyes strive to create an image of reality and sort it out.

Therefore, the core statement of Medosophos ophthalmology is:


The eyes in old age

With age, the eyes change. The flexibility decreases. The eye muscles tire. The reason is often slowed blood flow and poor supply of nutrients to the eyes. As a result, central visual acuity is impaired.

For degenerative, chronic diseases of the eyes, Chinese medicine offers an effective supplement to conventional medicine with eye acupuncture in combination with other natural healing methods.

Scientific studies show that specific treatment not only stops eye disease, but many patients showed significant improvements mainly in macular degeneration, AMD, glaucoma (green star), changes in the optic nerve, uveitis and damage to the eye muscle.

Professional life and the “digital” eyes

But also in our daily professional life, our eyesight is exposed to enormous demands nowadays. The increasingly intensive use of “new media” such as smartphones, computers or tablets leads to an increase in digital eye stress. This manifests itself in symptoms such as reddened eyes, itchy eyes, burning eyes, irritated eyes, watery eyes, tired eyes, sensitivity to light, foreign body sensation, feeling of dryness, eye pain, etc.. There is even talk of “Digital Eyes Diseases”.

From the perspective of holistic medicine, it is often not only the eyes that are affected by the more intensive use of “new media”, but other areas such as sleep, energy balance and the ability to concentrate can also show an imbalance. For this reason, other components such as stress reduction and eye training are often used in addition to eye treatments.


Rash, acne, dermatitis, eczema such as psoriasis and neurodermatitis, rosacea, allergic rash, urticaria, anti-aging, skin aging and many others.

In the treatment of dermatological diseases, as well as in the skin structure improvement of aging symptoms, great importance is attached to holistic diagnostics and the use of natural medicine. Natural medicine means that in addition to the use of naturopathic procedures, special attention is paid to the highest quality of the skin products used. The products used are free of parabens, free of chemical preservatives, free of mineral oils and have been developed without animal testing.

Any treatment concept of skin health is always based on two approaches of local and holistic treatment. The local treatment leads to skin renewal and healing by eliminating the excessive accumulation of dead skin cells. The holistic approach to healing focuses not only on the skin condition alone, but also deals with the stresses and interrelationships of the whole organism and forms the main competence of the practice. The holistic concept in diagnostics and therapy includes not only the acute improvement of the skin’s appearance and chronic recovery, but also a preventive approach.

Dermatological diseases

Basically, for every dermatological disease it is necessary to clarify whether the skin disease is a concomitant of another disease or whether the skin itself is diseased.

Most frequently, inflammatory skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea neurodermatitis and eczema are treated with natural healing methods. Here, a coordinated combination of local and holistic treatment is always used.
Local application usually consists of two coordinated treatment sequences, namely medical peeling and mesotherapy. In the first sequence, medical peeling professionally removes the overlying skin cells. The gentle injection of biological active ingredients then contributes to skin healing directly into the area in need of treatment in a gentle manner with few side effects.

On the holistic level, regulative Chinese medicine has an excellent effect on many skin anomalies and skin diseases. In addition to acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine in combination with dietary changes and intestinal relief is highly effective.

Skin aging

Even though “inner beauty” is certainly more important than appearance in life, appearance plays an increasingly important role socially in professional and private life.

We naturally intervene against skin aging to eliminate light calluses, pigment disorders, age spots and wrinkles.

Local application is aimed at skin renewal. This is done by medically adjusted peeling from AHA or BHA acid peels or TCA peeling. Depending on the skin condition, skin sub-injections with hyaluron and/or biological active substances are injected.

Holistically, we place great emphasis on

  • the reduction of inflammatory processes
  • the mineral-material balance,
  • the intestinal relief,
  • hormonal balance,
  • the balanced blood pressure,
  • healthy nutrition,
  • vitalizing exercise,
  • regenerative sleep,
  • the handling of stimulants and stress,
  • mental stability.

We will be happy to put together your individual vitalization program.




Cycle complaints, menopausal symptoms, cysts, water retention, vaginal dryness, fungal infections, fibroids, endometriosis, etc.

The focus of female naturopathy is harmonization and not hormonization. It is natural for a woman to go through various phases in her life as a result of the constantly changing hormonal situation: from childhood development through puberty, cyclical life, menopause and into old age. Complaints often arise during the transition of life phases. With a holistic view of the processes in a woman’s life, natural medicine offers possibilities for freedom from complaints and harmonization of the female life flow.

Cyclical life

For those affected with menstrual complaints, hormonal fluctuations, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), with PCO (polycystic ovary syndrome), fibroids, endometriosis, breast inflammation, cysts, discharge, ovarian/fallopian tube inflammation, sexual disorders, recurring fungal infections, bladder and vaginal infections, etc., complementary medicine offers gentle and effective treatment methods – also as a supportive adjunctive therapy to conventional medicine. We will discuss together in a confidential initial consultation which natural treatment measures are suitable for the respective woman and what you can personally do for yourself.


The climacteric or menopause brings with it physical phenomena that women in their middle years have to deal with. The possible purely physical symptoms are based on the typical triad (trinity): Hot flashes, dizziness and sweating. In addition, there may be irritability, listlessness, loss of performance, sleep disturbances, depressive moods, etc. Herbal preparations and the regulation of the body’s processes are a real help during this time.

Desire to have children

Increasing fertility in men and women, pregnancy-associated complaints, birth preparation, breastfeeding problems, etc.

Many couples are denied the desire to have children. The reasons for this are manifold. Chinese medicine as well as holistic medicine offer many ways and possibilities to increase fertility and to find the way to fulfillment in cooperation with conventional reproductive medicine or in a “do-it-yourself” procedure. Recent scientific clinical studies confirm that the use of Chinese medicine and holistic medicine significantly increases pregnancy and birth rates.

The following areas of influence have been proven in the context of fertility treatment in natural cycle or artificial insemination:

  • the quality of the eggs is improved
  • the function and response of the ovaries are increased (during ovulation or when stimulating medication is administered during in vitro procedures)
  • the environment in the fallopian tube is improved (flow and movement),
  • the quality and thickness of the uterine mucosa are optimized,
  • to support the implantation of an embryo, the warmth and blood flow in the uterus is increased,
  • regulation of cycle disorders (pain, rhythm, blood volume, ovulation),
  • treatment of PCO syndrome, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, fibroids or other diseases,
  • treatment of tendency to miscarriage or premature birth,
  • improvement of a spermiogram (quantities, quality and motility),
  • pain relief, relaxation, recovery.

In case of simultaneous treatment from the very beginning and interlocking of conventional medicine and holistic medicine, the conditions on the way to the desired child are optimal.

The holistic support with acupuncture and massages is valuable during this time in order to lovingly harmonize feelings, expectations and longings and to look calmly with one’s partner into the future together.


Often the use of naturopathy and Chinese medicine is a natural alternative for simple health complaints, since all the active substances used enter the bloodstream of the unborn child through the placenta.

But also in case of a complicated health situation during pregnancy – but only in cooperation with conventional medicine – acupuncture can decisively support conventional medicine.

Baby time

In particular, acupuncture shows great effect in the preparation for birth. The birth as well as the psyche of the mother are positively influenced. In combination with many naturopathic home remedies, Chinese medicine has proven its worth in postnatal care – be it for postpartum low mood, persistent pain after birth or breast refusal or breastfeeding strike of the newborn as well as colic, etc.

Desire to have children​

Pain therapy

Pain therapy

Pain in the musculoskeletal system, fibromyalgia, back pain (cervical spine, lumbar spine, thoracic spine), joint pain, facial pain (trigeminal neuralgia), sciatica, headache, migraine, phantom limb pain, etc.

Pain is often difficult to bear. This is because pain is an unpleasant sensory or emotional experience that is accompanied by actual or potential tissue damage. Pain that persists for more than 6 months is chronic. It has lost its warning function and becomes a disease in its own right – a chronic pain disorder. Chronification means that the brain has stored this pain and developed a pain memory.


The causes of complex pain conditions are manifold. This is due to various mechanisms that influence the body tissues and can thus trigger pain. However, the sensation of pain is not solely a reaction to tissue damage, but is linked to complex processing by the nervous system. Thus, pain can also have psychological causes. But pain without clear causes also occurs frequently.

In principle, it must be clarified for every chronic pain disorder whether the pain is a concomitant of another disease or not.

  1. Generally speaking, pain can arise in four different ways:
    Physiological, which includes mechanical, chemical, thermal stimulation.
  2. Neuropathic, under which nerve pain or damage is present outside the nerve center.
  3. Central, meaning nerve pain or damage within the nerve center, or
  4. Psychosomatic as an expression of emotional mental stress.


The treatment relies predominantly on scientifically based active and healing mechanisms of complementary medicine such as acupuncture, cupping, trigger point treatment, phytotherapy (herbal remedies), mesotherapy, homeopathy, spinal adjustment by osteopathic grip techniques, self-application of movement as well as relaxation methods. It also takes into account vitamin supply, metabolic balance and general nutrition.

The holistic pain treatment focuses on the following three aspects:

1. Interaction of tissue structures
Chinese medicine, as well as the doctrine of reflexes, is concerned with the conduction pathway networks or nerve connections between the internal organs with the muscles or with the skin. The interaction of the target tissue with the supporting nerve or the regulating pathway reflects body systemic processes.

With special grip techniques in combination with Chinese medicine and mesotherapy, the basic regulatory system of the human being is positively influenced, healing impulses for self-regeneration are given and assigned body areas or organs unfold harmonizing self-healing powers. This enables direct pain reduction, strengthening and balancing of the whole body system.

2. “In case of disease, look first to the spine!” (Hippocrates)
Our spine is the axis of our body. It is the main information channel for controlling all bodily processes and a contributor to many pain complaints, as bone structures have moved away from their original place.

As a result of gentle Chinese techniques of jointing (jointing instead of setting), the surrounding tissues are freed from the pressure of strain. This leads to a balance in the body in the areas of nerve pathways, blood flow, muscles, psyche, emotions and of course to a relaxed relief in the movement structure.

Remark: “Adjustment instead of setting”. The Chinese „adjustment method” is a natural procedure, which is suitable for the body and which allows the displaced bone structure to slide back into its original position by itself with the help of the body’s own gentle pulling forces. It works together with the corresponding musculature and the guidance pathways and does not set via the bone structure. This is usually a contraindication in chronic pain syndromes.

3. Body moves our inside, our inside moves the body.
Our inner attitude is the result of cognition as well as insight and expresses our basic ideas as well as conceptions. Our inner attitude is related to our feelings. Feelings are triggered depending on how our mind evaluates a situation, that is, how we “think” about a perception. Thus, our mind – under the influence of past experiences and our attitudes of inner attitude – selects a thought suitable to the perception and evaluates the experienced situation.

Our body system constantly tries to balance between the inner attitude and the experienced outer world in order to bring us to a harmonious middle between activity and passivity, between doing and rest, between feeling and understanding.

At some life difficulties our body system can no longer create this balance, the emotions take over the leadership of the body systems and our inner life moves our body towards tension and pain.

Through a body-oriented treatment of the inner postural patterns in combination with the power of the decision to give one’s life a new direction, the inner, painful movement sorts itself out and changes. The flow balance with the five basic forces comes into harmony. The balance between the inner, physical and outer world is restored. The inner and physical pains subside.

Holistic pain therapy analyzes in detail the cause of the pain, effectively relieves pain and improves the quality of life. Common conditions that are treated gently but effectively with us are pain in the musculoskeletal system such as back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches, sciatica, facial pain, trigeminal neuralgia, but also migraine, fibromyalgia, polyneuropathy and rheumatic complaints.

Stress-related Diseases

exhaustion syndrome, burnout, tinnitus, sleep disorders, panic attacks, palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, restlessness, psychosomatic complaints, depression, crises caused by experiences, etc.

The signpost of Chinese medicine for health burdens caused by stress and mental illness consists of two characters, namely:

本神“  (ben shen)
Rooting the soul in the body and opening the body as a vessel for the soul.

This classical treatment approach primarily involves a body-oriented approach. This is because the physical response to life events determines our well-being in the body and composure.

The building blocks of the applied medicine and therapies

Chinese medicine is holistic, systemic and thus originally psychosomatic. This is because in Chinese Medicine there is no separation of the psyche or soul with the body. Thus, every Chinese Medicine procedure treats both the body and the soul or psyche.

In psychosomatics, treatment procedures on the physical level have proven successful. This is because the body stores what has been experienced and learned. Through body-therapeutic touch in the form of massage, stretching and acupuncture, mechanical protective reactions can be released and positively changed. The inner movement can calm down and body & soul can find their harmony.

Qigong, body and movement therapy as a non-verbal method offers with body awareness and mindfulness excellent possibilities to let the unconscious become accessible to the conscious experience. In this way, self-control and regulation can unfold and also be realigned.

The therapeutic conversation provides orientation about effective conflicts, constellations or challenges. It serves the ordering and understanding of feelings and life contexts and carries within itself the healing possibility of self-compassionate recognition and the clear decision for healthy changes.

Type and application of treatment

The type and application of treatment depends on both the nature of your disease and your personal preferences. The treatment is determined together with you in such a way that it is naturally in harmony with your professional and private situation.

Depending on the severity of the disease, a close exchange with specialists, clinics and institutions is desired. Individually, we then take the path with you as a team.

The spectrum of diagnostics and treatment includes: Initial diagnostics based on Chinese medicine, outpatient short-term and long-term therapy, transitional treatment before and/or after inpatient or partial inpatient treatment, detailed counselling also for couples and families, counselling on preventive measures.


Stress-related Diseases

Accompanying Cancer Therapy

Accompanying Cancer Therapy

Accompanying means that you are undergoing conventional medical treatment and do not reject it. The concomitant cancer therapy based on Chinese medicine and other natural remedies acts indirectly on the tumor through the various regulatory systems of the organism. It is based on the strands of action:

Regulation, regeneration, psychological stabilization and physical activation.

Basically, there are two different therapeutic concepts in cancer therapy. The first is the so-called tumor-destroying method. This is mainly used by conventional medicine in the form of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

The second therapy concept acts indirectly on the tumor via the various regulatory systems of the organism with the aim of creating the best possible conditions for optimal functioning of all cells and organs. This is the strength of Chinese Medicine in combination with other natural therapies. In addition, Chinese Medicine is inherently structured in such a way that psychological stability is included in the treatment concepts. There is no separation of psyche and body in Chinese Medicine.

In principle, the accompanying cancer treatment can be applied to all cancers. Depending on the type of cancer and its course, the use of concomitant cancer therapy can not only make chemotherapy more bearable, but also have a direct cancer-killing effect.

The following can be achieved:

  • Strengthening and restoring the body’s defenses at all levels,
  • Mitigating the side effects of radiation, chemotherapy,
  • Reduction of the risk of relapse,
  • Improving the chances of recovery,
  • Preservation of the quality of life.

The holistic treatment concept is tailored to the patient and the particular cancer and its course. Holistic cancer therapy can be used from the initial diagnosis and beyond the completion of conventional medical therapy.

Neurological diseases

Multiple sclerosis, condition after stroke, dizziness, nerve pain (neuropathy, neuralgia), age-related complaints, facial paralysis, headaches, sensory disturbances, Parkinson’s disease, and many more.

The human nervous system corresponds very closely with the anatomy of Chinese medicine, the so-called pathways. The exact diagnosis of the pathways is of great importance, as it provides information and further insight into the disease process. Each pathway has its own organ-related functional circuit and its specific dynamics or task in the composition of the body.

Based on this special diagnosis, helpful treatment approaches are provided, mostly in the form of acupuncture and Chinese medicinal herbs. Basically, the chances for a containment of neurological diseases as well as how to slow down the disease process are greater in chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, the earlier the disease process can be influenced therapeutically. Often it is possible to achieve relief for patients with Parkinson’s or MS through acupuncture and to support the perception of their own performance limits.

Neurological diseases

Heart and metabolic diseases

Heart and metabolic diseases

Obesity, high blood pressure, functional heart complaints (e.g. heart palpitations), hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, thyroiditis.

Each of these diseases can have very different manifestations and can be amenable to therapy with Chinese medicine to varying degrees. In most cases, the focus is on weight loss for positive influence.

Weight loss – life in pleasurable equal weight

Unlike ordinary diets, the sustainable Medosophos weight balance focuses on the “dialogue” with one’s own body. The weight balance is therefore aimed at those people who do not want to influence their body weight only with their food intake, but who want to experience the way to physical lightness in a holistic way. The goal is to initiate “inner and outer movement”, to revive the joy in and on the body as well as to stabilize the heart connection to oneself and the environment.

For this, our conversation with your personal history stands at the beginning. This is followed by diagnostics. Together we put together your individual health navigation, which usually consists of three areas:

  1. Regulated training – the art of moving without strength
  2. Chinese medicine – renewing health forces
  3. Healing bodywork – On emotional tracks into freedom.

Hair Health

Hair loss, thin hair, dry hair, condition due to chemotherapy and many more.

Not all hair loss is the same. There are numerous forms, which can be distinguished by their appearance and their causes. Hair loss is always a symptom, which should be investigated by an exact diagnosis. Therefore, it should be clarified in principle with every hair loss whether the hair loss or hair change is a concomitant of another disease or whether the hair itself is diseased.

Beautiful hair is a reflection of vitality and health. It emphasizes one’s personality or individuality and plays an important role in social communication. The way hair is worn gives many clues to the self-image, self-esteem and charisma of men and women. The experience is all the more painful when hair does not grow vigorously or even falls out.


In the initial diagnostic consultation, an overview of the origin of the complaint pattern is made. The specific inspection of the scalp and hair complete the first overall impression. Our hair & scalp diagnosis analysis procedures are scientifically tested. Depending on the symptoms, further examinations such as blood sampling and determination of laboratory values, immune system analysis, stress examination, psychological profile, etc. are carried out. If necessary, further clinics are recommended in the case of severe symptoms.

The treatment concept:

The diagnosis-oriented treatment offer is always based on two approaches of local and holistic treatment. The local treatment includes the tailor-made hair replacement, second hair integration as well as the local medicine-based hair therapy. The products used in this process meet the highest quality standards and are also compatible with skin-sensitive or allergic people. Only high-quality materials with pleasant wearing comfort and precise workmanship are used. The second hair consists of either European human hair or high-quality synthetic hair. The holistic healing approach does not only focus on the hair pattern alone, but deals with the stresses and interrelationships of the whole organism and forms the main competence of the practice.

Hair therapy for general hair loss, which in our practice includes a step-by-step approach after a preliminary diagnostic consultation – from medical scalp cleansing with training for self-application, nutritional guidelines, balancing the acid-base balance, and hair growth-promoting mesotherapy.

Second Hair Solutions:

In cooperation with a hairdresser & second hair master, you can get attractive, individualized and practical solutions that compensate for your hair loss in a natural way, with:

Wigs that don’t look like wigs with us – because we fit the wigs exactly to your head on site, guaranteeing a comfortable fit. If you wish, we can also make them to measure. Exactly matched to your desired hair color, hair structure, hair volume and hairstyle shape, your wig will be made in elaborate handwork.

Hairpieces made by us with great expertise tailor-made to cover light or bald spots elegantly and inconspicuously. Our exclusive hairpieces are breathable and transparent in the top of the head, crown or vertex areas, guaranteeing a completely natural hair structure and scalp effect.

Hair thickening or hair extension, which is carried out by us with ultrasound or sleeves or micropoint or braids – procedure, depending on your wishes and hair texture. We supplement lost hair and correct your hairstyle in volume and appearance. It allows at any time to realize your natural dream hairstyle. In any length and with any styling

Hair Health

ENT & respiratory diseases

ENT & respiratory diseases

Asthma, allergies, bronchitis, cough, COPD, hay fever, sinusitis, globus sensation (lump in the throat), dry throat, pressure on the ears, hearing loss, ringing in the ears, tinnitus.

Even in the classics of Chinese medicine, respiratory diseases are associated with the “distribution of juices” in the body. This is because almost every respiratory disease is about dryness or about a too strong or too weak flow of fluid up to viscous mucus. Therefore, the sustainable treatment lies primarily in diagnosing where the processing, transport, drainage of fluids throughout the body is restricted or opposed or even disrupted.

Since our respiratory system is the defense system to the outside world, any ENT and respiratory treatment should focus on strengthening our defenses and consolidating our own resilience. The use of Chinese medicine has proven to be successful, as it recognizes the disease-causing factors not only in the respiratory tract. but in corresponding regulatory systems, eliminates pathogenic factors and subsequently strengthens the immune defenses and one’s own resilience.

On these basic parameters the following complaints are treated.

General: asthma, allergy, bronchitis, COPD, colds, hay fever, susceptibility to infections, sinusitis, mucus.

Throat: blockages in the chest, globus sensation (lump in the throat), sore throat, throat mucus, hoarseness, cough, temporomandibular joint problems, bad breath, mouth ulcers (e.g. ulcers), pharyngitis (pharyngitis), rhagades (cracked corners of the mouth), difficulty swallowing, dry throat

Nose: sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses), rhinitis (rhinitis, nasal inflammation), olfactory disorder, dry nose, stuffy nose

Ears: Age-related hearing loss, pressure on the ears, hearing loss, hearing sensitivity, hearing loss, hearing loss, ear pain, ringing in the ears, tympanic effusion, tinnitus

Gastrointestinal diseases

Irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, flatulence, fatty liver, gallstones, heartburn/reflux, constipation, diarrhea, difficulty swallowing, loss of appetite, nausea

“Our center” or “our second brain” is also called our gastrointestinal area. It is the central element for all processes in the body, because energy is produced here and used substances are excreted. In the classics of Chinese medicine, the treatise on “the middle” occupies a separate position. The most famous work is the 脾胃论 (Treatise on the Spleen and Stomach).

In this classic book, it is described in an all-encompassing way how to treat the abdominal area, the all-encompassing center of all diseases. Acupuncture takes a central role in the treatment. For functional digestive disorders, acupuncture is a safe and at the same time effective way to treat many acute and chronic diseases in a natural way.

However, it should also be noted here that it is useful and important if, in addition, the recommendations for diet and lifestyle adjustment are followed. This is the only way to regulate digestion in the long term.

Gastrointestinal diseases

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