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Delivering top performance precisely and unerringly is the core of effectiveness.

Effectiveness is preceded by resilience and situation assessment. Your resilience defines your options for action. Your situation assessment determines your performance.

The decision maker is your visual system.

In fractions of seconds, the instructions for coordination and movement result from the visual image in the brain.

The transfer from the capture of reality into patterns of thought and action depends on your constitution, condition and focus.

Based on martial arts, optometry, visual & functional training we work on your effectiveness with coaching sessions.

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Isabel Wendt-Christodoulou

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“Through Isabel’s advice, I learned how to access my performance potential at the right time, even in times of double workload due to graduation and the World Cup.”

Rhea Machado,

Vize- Weltmeisterin

„The consultation showed me that stress and vision are related in my case. Thus, I can optimize my performance through regular eye training.“

Zeeshan Nasir,

EPP Sicherheitsmanagement

„Ich habe von Isabel gelernt, auch in harten Zeiten der Pandemie, meine Sensibilität, Zuversicht in die Vielfalt des Lebens zur Überwindung dieser Krise aufrechtzuerhalten.“

Yuga Fujinami

Professional dancer

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